Smart Home Technology


Transform your Las Vegas home into a Smart home you can control from anywhere. Using the Safe and Secure Alarms and Video’s Smart Home Technology allows you to manage your Las Vegas home’s energy consumption and keeps your home safe from anywhere in the world. Safe and Secure Alarms and Video has a solution for every income level and lifestyle. Simply make your custom selection of automation, energy management, and convenience features you desire. Safe and Secure Alarms and Video provides your Smart Home Technology to your home in the Las Vegas valley. Your new system may be installed in new or existing structures and controlled via your smartphone or tablet.

Control Your Thermostat

Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert. The temperatures in the morning are not the same as the temperature in the middle of the day or in the evening. With Smart Home Technology, Safe and Secure Alarms and Video provides you with a system that allows you to remotely access your thermostat with your smartphone or mobile device. This will not only allow you to reduce your energy consumption and so that your home is the perfect temperature every time you step through your front door, but also to monitor your home’s systems from anywhere.

Remote Alarm Access

We all forget to set the alarm. Instead of wondering whether your alarm is set, driving all the way home to double check, setting the alarm and then leaving again just to be late for work or missing out on extra curricular activities, you can check the status of your alarm system remotely using your smartphone or mobile device. If you have Internet service you have access to your home systems. Smart Home Technology with Safe and Secure Alarms and Video provides you with the ability to set the alarm/turn off the alarm at your fingertips.

Lights at Your Fingertips

Lighting can enhance the enjoyment and property value of your Las Vegas home. Adding security for peace of mind, and contribute to savings on energy bills, your Smart Home Technology accomplishes both. You can easily control your lights automatically remotely, adding convenience and energy savings to the abundance of features you will have available to you.

One of the most convenient features of your new Smart Home system for grave shift workers in Las Vegas is the ability to turn your lights on ahead of you before you get home after a late night of work. With just a click of a button, your living room lights and porch light will be on and inviting you to come inside and relax. Never walk into a dimly lit entry way, leaving yourself open to unexpected visitors again, using Smart Home technology you can rest assured that you know what you are walking in to every time you come home.