Welcome to Safe and Secure Alarms and Video.  We provide surveillance and alarm services to the entire Las Vegas Valley.

Safe and Secure Alarms and Video uses Honeywell Security Products, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic security systems. With over 70 years in this industry, they are also the most experienced.

Safe and Secure Alarms and Video is committed to serving the Las Vegas valley with a 24/7 local monitoring, fast, friendly and reliable service you can count on.

Home Alarm Services

Your home is your castle. Your domain. We can provide you with safety, security and peace of mind by providing your family with a state of the art alarm system that includes fire and carbon monoxide detection, video surveillance, smart home technology, and Fire, Police and Medical panic buttons. Safe and Secure Alarm Services is committed to giving you peace of mind while allowing the control to be your hands. read more

Smart Home Technology

We have all done it. You leave the house without turning down the heat, or you forget to turn off the downstairs light. Normally you would have to turn around or leave your day to take care of this minor mishap. This is a thing of the past. With Safe and Secure Alarms and Video, your home can have Smart Home Technology.  With Smart Home Technology, you can adjust the thermostat, turn off and on lights, and/or turn the alarm on or off as needed.  The best part, you can do this all remotely from your phone. With 24/7 local monitoring, you can rest assured that your Smart Home is in good hands. read more

Business Security Services

As a business owner, your attention is often drawn in many different directions. You simply cannot be everywhere you need to be at any given time. With Safe and Secure Alarms and Video, we provide you with peace of mind for your business with alarm systems that are completely customized to fit your business’ individual needs. With surveillance systems that allow you to remotely monitor exactly what is happening in real time at your facility and has access control, Safe and Secure Alarms and Video is dedicated to helping the entire Las Vegas valley with 24/7 local monitoring that provides video verification so that the police can respond faster. read more