Home Owner Association Services


If you own a home in the Las Vegas valley, chances are you live in an HOA regulated community. At Safe and Secure Alarms and Video, we are proficient in the special camera systems needed for a homeowner’s association to be able to provide security and safety to all its residents.

All in One Camera Systems

Safe and Secure Alarms and Video can provide video surveillance for all areas in a community. Whether you want a camera for the pool or the clubhouse, or in front of the community mailboxes, Safe and Secure Alarms and Video can provide you an all in one video surveillance system provides safety and security for all residents as well as fit your yearly budget.

No need for a Security Guard! Now the Community is in Control!

Most gated communities have a security guard out front that keep those who do not belong in the community, out of the community. However, security guards cost homeowner associations a lot of money! It can be unfeasible for many homeowner associations to have this. As a result, many are not as safe as they could be. Thankfully, with Safe and Secure Alarms and Video’s surveillance systems, homeowner associations can get that security, but without the need for high-priced security guards.

By using Safe and Secure Alarms and Video and its security cameras, DVR, and remote viewing capabilities in the surveillance system, homeowner associations get a “virtual security guard”. With the security cameras, those who want to try and sneak into the community will be prevented the ability to do so because of the ‘eye in the sky’. As well, through remote viewing, the members of the gated community can keep an eye on the front in their spare time, turning the entire community into a ‘remote viewing neighborhood watch’. This is worth its weight in gold because it gets the community together for a common goal and it helps keep everyone safe, without the costs of a security guard.

Protect the Gate!

When it comes to maintenance and upkeep of a gated community, the first line of defense in providing safety for residents is the front gate.

At Safe and Secure Alarm and Video, we understand how frustrating it can be when the gate is not working, and how much more frustrating it is when it is due to negligence and people ramming or damaging the gate.

Protect your gate with our special cameras used for license plate capturing. This way, you are not left with the bill and the person who is responsible can be held responsible for all damages as well as you will have video verification for police for reporting purposes.

Preventative Maintenance

Safe and Secure Alarm and Video specializes in quarterly preventative maintenance on a regular basis to keep the camera system in top operating level as well as special discounts for preventative maintenance customers. Include discounts on services and additional discounts on new equipment addition to your systems